Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The absolute BEST SAT Site Online!

Of course I believe that SAT preparation is an absolute must for any serious student. Here's why (at the end of my rant is the link to the great site)

I remember well walking out of the room in my high school where I took the SAT in 1980 - the sickening feeling still haunts me. What made me so mad was that I had not prepared and could have scored much higher than I did.

We were misled. We were told that it was a true "aptitude" test [of course ETS has stricken any meaning from SAT - it is no longer an acronym, the only letter that is still true is "T" for Test]. We were told it has its roots in IQ testing - rubbish, lies, filth.

It tests nothing but how well you do on it! No other math has the poor wording of this confusing and purposefully tricky examination. No one edits by multiple choice!

I was mad also that the math content was so easy. Yet, in the midst of a hectic junior year studying Trig, AP Chem, AP Bio, AP English, etc., I was stumped by middle school level problems! That is true, the concepts tested on the exam are ones that most students have not seen in years.

So to prepare, READ the content of preparation material and familiarize yourself with the key concepts that you probably once knew well but now will take some time to pull from your long term memory. That way you will not sit on exam day looking like a fool from "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?"

Go to

It is simply fantastic & it is FREE!

I can tell you by experience of taking the exam and reading every practice test out there that the key concepts are covered! Read them - practice the problems and get your mind ready for the sum of a three consecutive odd prime integers greater than 9 is twice the difference of your birthday minus the absolute value of pi during a leap year. In terms of x what is the time that you go insane solving problems that have no basis in real academic instruction.

I'll plan on editing the postings from this blog and heading on over to join ProProfs. I'll see you there

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